SaaS Web Internet Solutions GmbH
Steinstra├če 25 | 76133 Karlsruhe
Phone +49 721 1803951-0
Fax +49 721 1803951-9

Managing Director:
Matthias Wulkow

Registration Office: Local court Mannheim
Register number: HRB 708177
Tax ID: DE269055246

Bank data:
Sparkasse Karlsruhe | Bank ID 660 501 01 | Account 108 107 897
IBAN DE18 6605 0101 0108 1078 97 | BIC KARSDE66XXX

Legal notes

FindNames is a service provided by SaaS Web Internet Solutions GmbH, named below SaaS Web. These notes describe in short the modalities under which products are ordered at FindNames.


  1. No data is given or shared with 3rd parties, except data which is necessary to register the domains at the competent registries.
  2. SaaS Web does administer and operate an own Private Cloud where all operations are executed and when it comes to a subscription, are stored. FindNames uses all known measures to secure the infrastructure and all activity on the plattform.
  3. Customers can contact the SaaS Web Team at any time and enquire about all stored information.


  1. Domains are always billed for at least 12 months in advance. Once registered they cannot be refund.
  2. Domain registration implies correct personal information for subscription. SaaS Web will not try to check your submitted information for correctness above syntax. Nevertheless, if the registry or other competent party requires an update and/or delete the domain, solely the customer can be seen in fault.
  3. SaaS Web does register the domains on the clients ownership and is set as technical contact (Admin-C, Tech-C, Zone-C). FindNames uses the services of a partner registrar (Smart-Nic GmbH) for subscribing the domains at the respective registries. SaaS Web is not an accredited registrar.
  4. Customers receive an individual and restricted access to an management panel in order to configure the registered domains if desired.

Email Services

  1. On request, email addresses are created and the access data sent ot the customer.
  2. The mail accounts can be accessed via IMAP from the local machines or using the given webmail interface.
  3. With a penalty of max 4 weeks (end of consecuting month), a mail service can be cancelled and refund.

Website Hosting

  1. On request, a WordPress Site is setup and the access data sent to the customer.
  2. The website is fully managed and does not require any administration to the customer.
  3. With a penalty of max 4 weeks (end of consecuting month), a webhosting service can be cancelled and refund.